A man has been charged in the shooting death of a Chicago police officer.

The 18-year-old man accused of shooting and killing Officer Andres Vasquez-Lasso has been charged by Chicago police.

According to the Chicago Police Department, Steven Montano, 18, is charged with murder, aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, aggravated discharge of a firearm near a school, interfering with reporting domestic violence, and one count of assault.

According to police, Montano was shot in the head by Vasquez-Lasso and was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

Vasquez-Lasso, 32, was investigating a domestic-related call in the 5200 block of South Spaulding around 4:45 p.m. Wednesday when Montano shot him, according to police.

According to CPD Supt. David Brown, Vasquez-Lasso was shot multiple times.

He was taken to Mt. Sinai Hospital, where he died later that night.

“This young officer, who had five years with the department, had a bright future ahead of him and this is something that no family should have to face,” Brown said.

Last summer, Montano and two others were arrested after fleeing a vehicle suspected of being involved in a shooting in the city’s Little Village neighborhood.

Charges against the 18-year-old were rejected by the State’s Attorney’s Office Felony Review, and a misdemeanor charge against him for resisting arrest was later dropped.

According to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, he was offered an alternative to traditional prosecution due to his age and lack of criminal history. According to the office, he completed 25 hours of community service, which is why the misdemeanor charge was dropped.

According to the medical examiner’s office, Vasquez-Lasso lived about two miles from where he was shot.

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