Two Charged with the Homicide of 18 year old

Jailyn Logan-Bledsoe – 18 was shot to death on 100 block of Chicago, Oak Park, IL on June 22, 2022.

Two Chicago occupants have been charged in the shooting passing of 18-year-old Jailyn Logan-Bledsoe at an Oak Park corner store.

Kenneth Elliot, 21, and his 17-year-old sister, Adrianna Vanzant, were arrested Thursday.

Police said Elliott and Vanzant were outfitted with handguns when they moved toward Logan-Bledsoe from behind and started shooting in a BP corner store parking area at 100 Chicago Ave. around 1:50 a.m. on June 22.

Police said Vanzant ran away from/escaped the scene in Logan-Bledsoe’s car while Elliot ran away/escaped in a separate vehicle. Logan-Bledsoe’s car was later found in the 200 block of North Kilbourn Avenue.

“While nothing can undo the sad events that played out the morning of June 22, (capturing/understanding) the people responsible for this for no reason/unconscious murder will hopefully provide some closure for the family, friends and the whole community,” (meantime/temporary time) Police Chief Shatonya Johnson said in a press release Friday.

Elliot was scheduled to appear Friday morning in the Fourth City-based District Court. Vanzant was moved (from one place to another) to the Cook County Immature/youth-related Detention Center and is expected to appear in bond court via Zoom on Friday. The older Brother is being tried as an adult due to the nature of the crime. #MyLifeInTheChi https://mylifeinthechi.com/

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