R. Kelly child pornography trial turns to conspiracy to hide sex tapes

R. Kelly’s trial continues in federal court Tuesday, with prosecutors building out the story of Kelly and his entourage’s frenzied search for alleged sex tapes ahead of the singer’s 2002 indictment on state child pornography charges.

As the trial enters its second week, prosecutors called to the stand the mother of the alleged victim at the heart of Kelly’s 2002 case, who testified Monday that she and her husband two decades ago lied to investigators and a state grand jury investigating allegations against Kelly.

Monday, she said an overwrought Kelly wept at a 2002 meeting in an Oak Park hotel as a media firestorm swirled around the singer and an alleged sex tape showing Kelly and the woman’s then 14-year-old daughter, performing sex acts in the basement of Kelly’s Lake View mansion. The singer then paid for the family to take a weeks-long trip to the Bahamas and Cancun to avoid the press. When they returned, she and her husband told investigators there was nothing to the rumors.

“(Kelly) had wanted us to paint this picture, to let them know that it wasn’t my daughter on the tape,” said the woman, who was identified in court by the pseudonym “Susan.”

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