Fourth Set of Illegal Immigrants from Texas arrive in Chicago today

Two transports of travelers sent from Texas showed up in Chicago Friday.

This denotes the fourth time a gathering of travelers have shown up in Chicago from Texas.

The most current gathering of appearances contained around 100 travelers, joining the 300 or more who have previously shown up in Chicago throughout recent weeks.
“They’ve gone through a nerve racking, extraordinary excursion to get to the boundary of the US. Then, at that point, they were gathered up on a transport and sent here,” said U.S. Representative Dick Durbin. “We don’t have the foggiest idea what the legislative leader of Texas will do straightaway, who he will dump on a transport to dump in the city of Chicago, however we must give our all to help these individuals.”

Chicago has learned discovered that a few travelers were being taken to an inn in Burr Edge for impermanent housing, in spite of the fact that it is muddled right now where this gathering of transients will be taken to straightaway.

This might raise taxes in Chicago because now the money is coming from the tax payers.

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