Cleveland auto mechanic becomes doctor at age 51, inspires others to pursue their dreams

Dr. Carl Allamby’s has a very unique story. Dr. Allamby is a 51-year-old man, who became a medical doctor at age after years of running an auto repair business.

Allamby always dreamed of being a physician started since a child in East Cleveland. He never forgot this dream, even after he opened his own auto repair shop. 

“While thinking about the things we hold dear to our hearts, I think our health, our families and friends and our cars rank high on the list,” Allamby told Fox News Digital during an interview. 

Dr. Allamby’s story is inspiring to anyone with a dream. His story tells us to always chase your dreams and don’t let anything stop you regardless of age, gender, etc. I’m wishing much success to him and everyone reading this story. We all should continue to follow our dreams.

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