New York Attorney Letitia James files $250M lawsuit against Trump for business fraud

Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, has made it her mission over the past few months to remove disgraced former president Donald Trump, and it now seems that her most recent action is going to accomplish that goal. In response to several claims of fraud, Letitia James stated earlier today that she has filed a $250 million lawsuit against Donald Trump, the Trump Organization, and three of his adult children, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump.

According to CNN, James is suing Donald Trump, the Trump Organization, and his three eldest children for $250 million for allegedly utilizing false cash for numerous Trump businesses, including different buildings and golf courses. The case is more than 200 pages long.

The lawsuit also claims that by utilizing false appraisals to inflate the worth of his properties, Trump and the Trump Organization willfully misled lenders, insurers, and tax authorities. Attorney General James is requesting $250 million in addition to a lifetime ban on Donald Trump and his kids acting as directors of any New York-based companies. James is attempting to have the Trump Organization’s corporate certificate revoked, which would require the Trump Organization to end operations forever if the legal action is approved by a judge.

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