Lamar Odom wish that Khloe Kardashian “find happiness.”

Lamar Odom says that he still cares about his ex-girlfriend Khloe Kardashian and wants her to be happy.
Khloe wept about the Tristan Thompson cheating and paternity scandal in the new season of the Kardashians.

She stated, “I can’t hear about this for months about how stupid I am, how stupid f-ck I am, and all these things from everyone else.”

Lamar was questioned by ET about the episode.

He stated to the publication, “It was hard for me to watch that.” I will always find it difficult to watch someone I love feel so much sadness in that way. He stated that he desired her to “find happiness,” but she must find it on her own.

“She was crying on the show, and everyone was asking her questions and such. “He went on to say, “That was probably a trying time for her. “I simply want her to be content. That’s all.

Lamar has repeatedly stated over the years that he wants Khloe to have another chance.

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