17-year-old Suspect is arrested for murder of PNB Rock; the alleged shooter’s father is still wanted by police.

The 17-year-old son of Freddie Trone, according to sources in law enforcement, has been arrested in connection with the shooting. The son was said to have been the shooter, and Freddie drove the getaway vehicle.

Our sources also say that the father and son were already in the parking lot of the restaurant when PnB arrived. This seems to rule out the possibility that PnB was the target of a social media post from his GF that showed them eating at Roscoe’s. The escape vehicle was said to have been burned by the suspects following the murder.

PnB Rock’s murderer has been identified by the LAPD; he is still at large and should be regarded as “armed and dangerous.”

They have made this picture of Trone public, but they haven’t said yet if they are only looking for him in the case. After PnB was shot and killed, the police said that a getaway car was waiting outside the Los Angeles restaurant.

While the Philly rapper was having lunch with his girlfriend, the assailant made off with a number of gold and diamond chains.

If you see Trone or know where he is, you should call 911, according to the police.

Wednesday morning, police said that they have identified Freddie Lee Trone as “a person involved” in the murder of the rapper on Sept. 12 while he was sitting in a Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles.

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