Let’s fight on the Mayweather Undercard!!! TEKASHI 6IX9INE challenged to a Boxing Match. PUNCHED DJ wants a rematch.

If the DJ that Tekashi 6ix9ine punched that night has anything to say about it, his recent fight in Dubai won’t be his last!

Lucasdirty, the DJ, was interviewed by TMZ Hip Hop. He wants to settle the matter one-on-one in a real boxing ring.

Lucasdirty wants to finish what he started last weekend. He tells us that the club’s management told him that 6ix9ine was in the building and asked him to play his music.

However, he refused because he claims that 6ix9ine’s music contradicts his core morals and beliefs, which is what sparked the video-recorded melee in the nightclub.

After receiving a rejection, 6ix9ine approached the DJ booth ten minutes later, spoke briefly, and the club was turned upside down.

Lucasdirty now sees the recently announced exhibition fight in Dubai in November between YouTuber Deji and Floyd Mayweather as an ideal opportunity to settle his differences with Tekashi.

Even though Lucasdirty does not consider himself to be a boxer, he is willing to don the gloves even if it means hitting the rainbow.

We don’t know if 6ix9ine will accept, but even if he does, Floyd should be consulted first!

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