Bailey is trailed by double digits by Pritzker;Voters continue to prioritize the economy.

With early voting beginning this week in some parts of Illinois, Democratic Gov. JB Pritzker leads GOP challenger State Sen. State Sen. by 15 points. The majority of voters (51%) back Pritzker’s reelection, while 36% back Bailey.With just under six weeks until Election Day, only 5% of those polled plan to vote for someone else, and 8% remain undecided.
Bailey’s campaign has been emphasizing a tough-on-crime message in an effort to gain ground on Pritzker.In the beginning of this month, the politician-turned-farmer from the downstate made the announcement that he was renting an apartment in downtown Chicago, where he would closely monitor the situation.Bailey, who has referred to the city as a “hellhole” on numerous occasions, has held campaign events in areas where crimes that received a lot of attention occurred.
However, despite Bailey’s efforts and an avalanche of political advertisements sponsored by Dan Proft’s “People Who Play By the Rules” PAC, Illinois likely voters still consider the economy to be their top concern.Threats to democracy accounted for 17% and access to abortion for 14% of respondents’ reasons for voting in November.Only 10% of voters cited crime as their top concern, placing it fourth on that list.Bailey has the advantage out of that group.His campaign is supported by roughly 58% of people who say crime is their top concern.
57% of voters who say the economy is their most important issue plan to back Bailey.However, Pritzker is supported by 84% of those who identify democracy as their top concern.
Pritzker and Democratic allies have pledged to increase women’s access to abortion since the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.90% of people who say abortion access is their top concern plan to vote for his re-election, indicating that the strategy appears to be working.With 55% of women polled planning to vote for Pritzker and 46% supporting Bailey, Pritzker also enjoys widespread support among female likely voters.Pritzker was supported by 46% of male voters, while Bailey was supported by 44%.

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