Hurricane Ian “could be the deadliest” in Florida history, Biden warns

As Hurricane Ian’s waters receded on Thursday, President Biden urged residents of flooded areas in southwestern Florida to stay inside and warned that the storm could cause a record number of deaths.
“This could be the most deadly hurricane to ever hit Florida.During a visit to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s headquarters in Washington, Biden stated, “We’re hearing early reports of what may be substantial loss of life.”
Avoid going outside while the water is receding unless absolutely necessary.Biden stated, “It prevents first responders from doing their job and is risky for you.”
The residents of Florida were reassured by Biden, who stated that he intends to visit the state “when the conditions allow it,” and he assured them that the federal government will provide generous assistance to clean up and rebuild.
Biden stated, “Folks in Florida who have destroyed or damaged homes and you don’t have enough insurance, it means the federal government will provide individual assistance of $37,900 for home repairs and another $37,900 for lost property — for everything from an automobile to a lost wedding ring.” “Folks in Florida who have destroyed or damaged homes and you don’t have enough insurance.”Early reports suggest that hundreds of people may have perished when the Category 4 hurricane struck Florida’s retirement coast between Sarasota and Naples on Wednesday afternoon. It caused significant wind and flood damage, and early reports indicate that hundreds of people may have perished.When asked about his relationship with his potential rival for the presidency in 2024, the president scoffed and told reporters that he had spoken with Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of the state “four or five times already.”
“I’ll respond to that, okay? Even though it’s completely irrelevant.In fact, excellent.He praised my work.He thanked me for our swift interaction.Biden praised DeSantis, saying, “He told me how much he appreciated it and said he was extremely happy with what was going on.”
“This is not about whether or anything related to our political disagreements.This is about preserving lives, properties, and businesses.This is all about that.
On Tuesday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and FEMA administrator Deanne Criswell sparked controversy by suggesting that Biden would not call DeSantis after calling three Florida mayors.Biden called DeSantis that night after receiving backlash.

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