After leaving a relative’s house, the NYC teen hoops star was shot and killed in front of her sister

A stray bullet struck the 17-year-old basketball player on a Brooklyn sidewalk on Wednesday, killing her right in front of her sister, who, according to relatives, will likely suffer from trauma from holding her younger sibling as she passed away.
The victim’s older brother told The Post on Thursday that Shayma Roman “saw it happen… she was right there.”
“I have no idea how my sister will react to this.She is favored by the grandmothers or the friends.She cannot return home.Because they shared a room, she is unable to return home,” Shakem, the brother, stated.Tayma Roman, Roman’s older sister, was said to have held her and cried as she waited for an ambulance, according to a male neighbor who witnessed the shooting.
“She was holding her and yelling, “Shy!,””Shy!’”The neighbor, who requested anonymity, remembered.
He said, pointing to a dark stain on the sidewalk, “She was coming out of the building and barely made it to the stairs… That’s her blood.”
In a pink shirt and jeans, Shayna Roman is seen posing for a picture. “She walked out and got shot.”
When asked about the shooting, the teen’s aunt was devastated.
The aunt stated, “Only God could repay this justice.”
“There is simply no other option… We have no vengeance.”We are not vengeful.
Around 6:15 p.m., Roman, who lives on St. Mark’s Avenue, had just left her relative’s apartment building on Eastern Parkway near Rochester Avenue when, according to police and law enforcement sources, she was hit twice by stray bullets, once in the arm and once in the chest.
According to sources, Roman was discovered face down on the pavement in a pool of blood alongside empty beer bottles and a pair of dice when police responded to the scene, which was in an area where two rival gangs were fighting.
She was pronounced dead less than twenty minutes later at Brookdale Hospital.Roman’s brother said that everyone in the neighborhood called the sisters twins because they were so close.
She and Tayma are so close that whenever one of them leaves the house, Tayma will accompany her.They were together round-the-clock.Because they wear the same clothes, they were always referred to as twins,” Shakem stated.
He added that Roman was killed on October 30, just over a month before her 18th birthday.
She was the newest member.That is my infant sister, he declared.
Outside of their house, two Shayma Roman relatives are seen weeping.
Anthony, Roman’s stepfather, wept as he remembered the teenager’s personality.
“Feisty, loving, and sweet.Before breaking down in tears, he said, “She tells it like it is.”
Roman was adored in the neighborhood, according to another neighbor.
She is so intelligent and sweet.She excels academically and in basketball.Everyone truly adored her, “the neighbor stated.
From surveillance footage, two suspects have been identified by law enforcement, but no arrests have been made.

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