R Kelly Ordered To Pay Restitution Of $300k To Herpes Victims

Two of R Kelly’s victims have been ordered to be paid by him for more than $300,000.

The sum, according to US district judge Ann Donnelly, will be used to pay for psychotherapy and treatment for herpes. According to the women, Kelly had sexual relations with them even though he had herpes.

Following his New York conviction last year for federal racketeering and sex trafficking, Kelly received a 30-year prison sentence in June.

Federal prosecutors stated in their sentencing letter that “he lured young girls and boys into his orbit, frequently through empty or conditioned promises of assistance in developing a career in the entertainment industry or simply by playing into the minors’ understandable desire to meet and spend time with a popular celebrity.”

District Court Judge Ann Donnelly told him, “You left in your wake a trail of broken lives.”For nearly 25 years, these crimes were calculated, carefully planned, and frequently carried out.They learned from you that love is slavery and violence.

Following his conviction in his Chicago trial, Kelly is currently awaiting his sentence.

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