R&B Kehlani and her girlfriend 070 Shake have split up. There is speculation that she is back with MEN!

My Life in the Chi has learned that Kehlani is no longer with 070 Shake, and a new report from a well-known Instagram blog suggests that she might interested in getting back with men.

Kehlani appeared to be deeply in love with 070 Shake up until recently. Additionally, the female couple has shown their affections openly.

The two entertainers have been friends for a long time, and many people think they were seeing each other before they said they were dating. They haven’t been afraid to show off their love in public since they have officially come out as a couple.

However, My Life in the Chi recently confirmed that the singer raised her hand when a DJ inquired about singles in the club.

Kehlani, who was standing next to the DJ, initially appeared hesitant about raising her hand. However, several fans in the crowd screamed at the news when she did.

A video of the moment was shared by a Twitter user, and the user informed their followers that “we can stop playing detective” regarding the singer’s relationship status. Although Kehlani and 070 Shake have not publicly stated that they are no longer together, this video provides sufficient evidence for some.

/SG💎🇵🇷 on Twitter: “Baybeeee Kehlani confirmed that break up so we can stop playing detective lmao🫠 https://t.co/KRd4SKACI3” / Twitter

There’s more, though. Kehlani has been spotted in Los Angeles with a man who is described as “tall, black, and tatted up,” according to one well-known and typically trustworthy IG gossip blog.

Kehlani came out as an LGBTQ+ person three years ago, but she doesn’t just like women. Kehlani had relationships with rappers YG and NBA superstar Kyrie Irving prior to dating her current partner.

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