The FBI issues a warrant for an alleged sextorter and asks the public for help identifying victims

A man in his mid-30s who is accused of using social media to sexually extort minors has been issued an arrest warrant by the federal government.

The Chicago Field Office of the FBI says that David Patrick Sheffield is accused of approaching minors on social media and asking for sexually explicit pictures in exchange for money. In one instance, he is said to have threatened to direct and livestream the violent murder of a minor and their family.

The public is being asked to assist the FBI in locating potential Sheffield victims. The following social media accounts, usernames, or aliases may have connected Sheffield:

davew5944 (Snapchat)
venamis19955 or venamis1995 (Instagram)

Dave or David White
Damien White
Damien Donahue
Craiger Strout

Sheffield is described as a white male who stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs approximately 170 pounds.with hazel eyes, gray hair, and a chest tattoo of a nautical star (see digital rendering below). On his right forearm, he is also said to have a checkered emblem and tattoos written in cursive.

He should also be considered dangerous and armed, according to the FBI.

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