KANYE WEST trashes Diddy’s affection, saying, “F*** YOU, I’m selling these WLM t-shirts!”

Diddy’s attempts to talk with Kanye West about the “White Lives Matter” T-shirt scandal are meeting with silence from Ye while he triples down on selling the contentious apparel.

It was quite evident from Kanye’s posting of an iMessage conversation with Puff on Friday that he disapproved of Diddy’s “Breakfast Club” interview.

Ye claims that Diddy is attempting to sever his financial connections and believes that the Bad Boy Records rapper was dispatched by Jewish officials to mute his messaging.

When Diddy tried to meet up in person, Ye insulted him by referring to Puff as a federal agent and telling him he would accept an apology in the future if he changed his mind and supported “WLM.”

Kanye has been unwavering in his support of his cause this entire week, giving no consideration to any collateral damage.

He mocked Offset for liking ‘WLM’-bashing articles during one of his latest rants, and he also endangered the relationship between A$AP Rocky and Rihanna by alleging the Harlem rapper had an extramarital affair with fashion designer Yoon Ahn.

While neither artist has replied to Ye, Yoon fiercely disputed the allegations and called him a fake prophet, while Nast, a member of the A$AP Mob, told Kanye to stop talking.

At his Paris Fashion Show on Monday, Ye kicked off the controversy by labeling Black Lives Matter a “sham” and enjoying the support of Candace Owens and Antonio Brown.

In a recent interview with FOX’s Tucker Carlson, he discussed his objective and said that attacks on Lizzo’s weight were an early symptom of the genocide of Black people. You read that correctly.

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