After suffering a severe injury, a Palos Park man sues iFLY indoor skydiving.

On Monday, a lawsuit was filed against one of the hottest spots for family fun in the Chicago area.

The iFLY indoor skydiving experience gives participants the sensation of flying in midair. However, a man from the southwest suburbs claims it paralyzed him.

David Schilling, 63, of Palos Park, is unable to walk, work, or feed himself. He claims he was injured during a fun gathering with friends at iFLY in Rosemont in January 2021.

Schilling was an avid runner and sports fan prior to the accident. His injury was documented in a video that we cannot legally show.

“It’s clear from the video that David was out of control and distressed, and the iFLY instructor fails to intervene, and he unfortunately hits his head at a rapid 45-degree angle,” Schilling’s attorney, Jack J. Casciato, said.

iFLY bills itself as “fun for everyone” on its website. Indoor skydiving can be done by children as young as three years old, according to the site’s question and answer section.

Schilling had participated in the activity four times prior to his accident, each time signing a waiver.

“We argued that the waiver was inapplicable because the waiver describes it as inherently dangerous, but iFLY markets it as very safe,” Casciato explained.

Schilling claims negligence, willful and wanton behavior, and fraudulent misrepresentation. According to his attorney, other tragic accidents have occurred at iFLY locations.

“They’ve been sued several times in recent years. Unfortunately, this is the second participant who has been rendered quadriplegic “Casciato stated.

The case is scheduled to go to trial before a jury in Cook County in October 2023.

iFLY was contacted by My Life in the Chi for comment. They have yet to respond.

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