On Tuesday, the boy who had spent his whole life in Chicago’s hospitals was released.

A young kid who was born with a rare genetic illness finally got to go home from a hospital on Chicago’s South Side on Tuesday.

Francesco Bruno’s ribs are abnormal because he suffers from skeletal dysplasia, which also prevents his lungs from developing normally. He has had several procedures to increase the size of his chest and is doing well thanks to the care he receives at La Rabida Hospital. For the past year and a half, he has called this place home.

Bruno, the seventh of eight children, returned home on Tuesday.

His parents have spent the previous few weeks learning everything they can about taking care of him.

On Tuesday, when he was expected to arrive, his siblings had already returned from school and were waiting for him with bated breath.

They are overjoyed. “They’re ecstatic; they’re at home making cards as they wait for the phone call to tell them that we’re on our way,” Priscilla Bruno said of her children.

The La Rabida team has expressed their mixed emotions about the current situation. They’ve spent the last 18 months getting to know Bruno well, and while they’re delighted he’s returning home, they’re also sad to see him go.

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