After luring Alex Hamzy and Dustin Demonte, both of Bristol, with a fictitious 911 call, the suspects fired.

State police said on Thursday that a fake 911 call was used to deliberately lure the two Connecticut police officers who were shot and killed Wednesday night.
In a tweet-based press release, the police stated, “Bristol Police received a 911 call reporting a possible domestic violence incident between two siblings at 310 Redstone Hill Road.”
According to the press release, “preliminary information appears to point to the 911 call being a deliberate act to lure law enforcement to the scene.”
Nicholas Brutcher, 35, was also identified by police as the perpetrator, who was also killed on the spot.
Nathan Brutcher, his 32-year-old brother, was injured and is still in St. Francis Hospital.
When the police arrived at the Bristol residence and opened fire, Sgt. Nicholas Brutcher, according to police, was waiting outside.Alex Hamzy, an officer, and Dustin Demonte.
According to police, Officer Alec Iurato, a third officer, was injured and is undergoing surgery.
The deadly attack’s motivation has not been made public by police.

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