Police have arrested a suspect in the Stockton serial killer case.

The serial killer case that has terrorized multiple California communities has been solved, according to Stockton police.

The suspect was allegedly looking for another victim to kill when he was apprehended by police, according to officials.

Wesley Brownlee, 43, was apprehended after police received numerous tips from the public. The announcement was made at a press conference on Saturday.

Police said they were able to narrow down a possible suspect based on the tips. A surveillance team followed the suspect and observed his driving patterns. Officials determined early Saturday morning that he was on a “killing mission.”

“He was out hunting,” Chief Stanley McFadden explained. “He was apprehended by our own team around 2 a.m. this morning in the area of Village Green Drive and Winslow Avenue.”

Officers reported that he was dressed in dark clothing and wore a mask around his neck. When he was apprehended, he was allegedly armed with a firearm.

Brownlee is accused of being involved in the shooting deaths of six men and the wounding of one woman in Northern California.

According to records, he lives in Stockton, about 3 or 4 miles from the shooting deaths there. He appears to have relatives from East Oakland, where a shooting death in 2021 has been linked to the case.

Last week, a $125,000 reward was announced for information leading to the suspect’s arrest.

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