“Kanye West Day” would not be repeated in Atlanta, according to an ex-council member.

The former Atlanta city councilmember who helped organize the city’s “Kanye West Day” is separating herself from him. In light of his recent controversial statements, she says she would not bestow the honor now.

Natalyn Archibong was on the Atlanta City Council last year when she proposed a proclamation honoring Ye, who was born in the city, with his own day, but now she wishes him “a shocked and disgusted farewell.”

Natalyn says she doesn’t want to engage in revisionist history, but she would not give Kanye the same proclamation now, given his recent comments about George Floyd’s death and anti-Semitic Tweets.

After Kanye West launched his Donda tour in Atlanta, the city declared July 22, 2021 “Kanye West Day.”

Natalyn, the driving force behind the proclamation, claims it is a one-time event that cannot be repeated or erased… and she claims there were four primary reasons for honoring Kanye with his own day.

She mentions Ye’s Donda tour, his birth in Atlanta, and his mother, Donda West, who attended Morris Brown College, an HBCU in Atlanta. Finally, Natalyn states that “the proclamation was an acknowledgement of his significant contribution to the arts.”

Kanye has since sparked a slew of controversy, and Natalyn claims that the “July 2021 proclamation did not anticipate that in 2022, the artist formerly known as Kanye West would boldly make such ugly and hurtful statements.”

Natalyn’s conclusion… “To Ye, I say nay.”

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