A shooting at a St. Louis school has resulted in the deaths of at least three people, including the gunman. Several others have been injured

After a gunman opened fire inside a high school in St. Louis, three people were killed, including the shooter, and at least seven others were injured on Monday morning.
At Central Visual and Performing Arts High School, the shooting was reported shortly after 9 a.m., causing hundreds of students, faculty, and staff to flee the building, many of whom ran.Dutzendes of police cars immediately surrounded the school.
According to St. Louis Police Chief Michael Sack, a person with a long gun was shooting inside the school and was killed when he fired at police.

Eight people, including a woman who later passed away, were taken to nearby hospitals, according to Sack.Various injuries and gunshot wounds were being treated for others.
According to Sack, the shooter’s connection to the school was still unknown.His name has not yet been made public.
According to reports on television, shortly after 9 a.m., officers entered the area with guns drawn. Crime tape was placed around the school, and some parents arrived to pick up their children and ensure that they were safe.In a tweet, the district said that students could be picked up at another school or a grocery store nearby.
Magnet school Central Visual and Performing Arts High School focuses on visual, musical, and performing arts.The school’s “educational program is designed to create a nurturing environment where students receive a quality academic and artistic education that prepares them to compete successfully at the post-secondary level or perform competently in the world of work” is stated on the district website. #ActiveShooter #Highschool #st.Louis

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