Horrible anti-Black racist outburst by an Asian woman on the train

Asian woman launches into abhorrent anti-Black racist rant

When the video first starts, it’s unclear what caused this woman to act and speak in this way. It is evident that she is the only one acting inconsistently, though. The result is that while this woman is shouting various insults, the other train riders are silent. Even the target of her screams merely responds to her quietly.

A group of Black people were being insulted by an Asian woman who was riding the metro. Only the woman can be seen in the video. She appears to be verbally abusing the individuals who are recording the footage. This woman’s rant was a frank expression of her feelings toward the Black community.

Last night, a number of videos showing an Asian woman getting upset with several people became popular on Twitter. The woman makes it plain that they are Black even though they are not seen in the video. She repeatedly hurled the people with inhumane comments. A male can be heard muttering back to her at one point. As a result, the woman escalates her insults by speaking more louder and harsher. A man who works for the subway then made an effort to calm her down. She then insulted him further and started shouting at him. You may find the video by searching Twitter.

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