A babysitter in Utah has been charged with murder after an infant in her care died.

A Utah babysitter was charged with murder on Friday after a 5-month-old infant who was in her care died from “severe brain tearing.”

Paulina Carmona-Simbron, 47, allegedly “displayed no emotion” when she was informed that Aitana Ampudia Aguilar would not survive her injuries, according to ABC4-obtained charging documents.

According to the charges, Carmona-Simbron of Taylorsville dialed 911 on October 13 to request medical assistance after the infant became unresponsive. She told officers that she heard the infant cough and that she stopped breathing as her face turned purple.

However, medical records revealed a different story, as evidenced by the charges.

Doctors reportedly discovered “severe brain tearing” and “severe retinal hemorrhaging” after examining the infant, whom paramedics were able to resuscitate at the scene, according to the police. According to the charges, Aitana died one day after the doctors predicted she would die within 72 hours.

According to ABC4, when Carmona-Simbron was informed that the infant had no chance of survival, she merely responded, “Oh.”

Shortly before the 911 call, Aitana’s brain was reportedly torn by “some violent physical action” such as shaking, according to doctors.

A scan revealed that her injuries were consistent with “shaken baby syndrome,” per a statement of probable cause obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune.

Case investigators requested Carmona-Simbron to demonstrate with a doll what transpired on October 13th. The charges state that the babysitter handled the doll “in a manner that resembled violent and harsh movement,” including at one point bouncing it on her knee without supporting its head.

Carmona-Simbron, who was unlicensed and lacked formal child care training, had only babysat the infant four times prior to the fatal incident.

Aitana’s parents told police that they discovered a bruise on the infant’s cheek after she was returned from Carmona-care. Simbron’s The babysitter informed the parents that their child’s bruise was caused by lying face down on a toy. However, a physician who reviewed the medical records and a photograph of the bruise concluded that this explanation was highly improbable.

Doctor: “This injury would not have occurred if the patient had been lying prone, even if over an object.” “However, in the absence of a relevant history, this finding does raise serious concerns regarding underlying child physical abuse.”

The babysitter is being held without bail in the Salt Lake County Jail pending trial and faces a possible life sentence if convicted.

Meanwhile, Aitana’s parents are mourning the loss of their infant, whom they described as their “little angel.”

“No one should ever bury a daughter in this manner…” Guillermo and Rosario Aguilar wrote on a GoFundMe page, “We will always love her with all of our hearts, and all of our family and friends will miss her forever.”

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