This weekend, original ‘Halloween’ films return to Chicago-area theaters.

This weekend, a fictional state of Illinois will be overrun by horror, and you will be able to watch 40 years’ worth of horror throughout the Chicago area.

The cult classic Halloween movies are playing in theaters across the country, including Chicago’s, including this weekend. More than seventy cities are showing newly digitized and remastered versions of the films throughout the entire month of October and into early November.

The films “Halloween,” “Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers,” and “Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers” will be screened during the event.

Back in 1978, a theater in Kansas City was the location of the premiere of the first Halloween film. Due to the extraordinary cultural significance of the item, the Library of Congress has decided to register it.

Showtimes and ticket prices are subject to change. Please click here for a complete directory of available theaters.

The franchise has produced a total of 13 movies at this point, the most recent of which is titled “Halloween Ends”

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