Lake County Sheriff’s Office reports that a woman ran over a man who was lying in the road in Beach Park.

According to the police, an investigation is being conducted by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office after a woman driving in the north suburbs early on Sunday morning ran over a man who was lying in the road.

Around 4:20 in the morning, a woman of 28 years old driving a Volvo S40 was heading south on Lewis Avenue in Beach Park near Hickory Drive when she was involved in an accident. According to the police, she killed a man who was lying down in the southbound lanes because she did not see him and ran over him.

Investigators from the Technical Crash Unit of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office are currently working to determine the man’s identity and are looking into the possible reasons why he was in the roadway.

According to the police, the man had already passed away when the deputies arrived.

The autopsy is going to be scheduled by the Lake County Coroner’s Office.

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