After seeing’socialism’ signs outside a Joliet school, President Joe Biden calls the protesters ‘idiots.’

Joliet was the latest stop on President Joe Biden’s final push for Illinois candidates before the election on Tuesday.

President Biden used a last-minute trip to support Democratic congressional incumbent Lauren Underwood and to highlight his administration’s record on social security and Medicare.

“Folks, I came to Illinois to talk about two programs that reflect who we are as Americans, and Lauren understands to her core — to her core — social security and Medicare,” President Biden said.

Underwood, 36, is running for a third term in the 14th Congressional District, which she won with just over 50% of the vote in 2020.

Scott Gryder, current Kendall County board president and chairman of the county’s Republican Party, opposes the Naperville native.

“We are in a fight for our lives for the future of our country,” said Rep. Underwood.

President Biden spoke to a crowd of around 200 people at Jones Elementary School during what the White House described as an official event, and he also commented on protesters gathered outside.

“I loved the signs when I first walked in. Give me a break, socialism! What moron, “said the president.

The Illinois Republican Party issued a statement calling on Rep. Underwood to retract Biden’s remark, accusing the president of lashing out at his critics.

The president’s Saturday appearance comes after he headlined a Democratic fundraiser in the western suburbs on Friday night.

President Biden stepped off Air Force One at O’Hare on Friday evening to attend a private fundraiser for suburban Democratic Congressman Sean Casten at a Rosemont hotel.

Republicans are also making political appeals to voters.

With the GOP only needing a net gain of five seats in the House to take control, both parties are focusing on voter turnout.

Vice President Kamala Harris will be in town on Sunday, speaking at two rallies, one of which will be on the South Side with Governor JB Pritzker and Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton.

According to ABC7 Political Analyst Laura Washington, these visits are intended to convey the message that this is not a typical mid-term election.

“They believe the race is tightening on both sides,” Washington said. “They want to get their big guns out there. They want to increase turnout in the final days of the campaign.”

Candidates did not invite Biden or Harris, both of whom have low approval ratings. Instead, the White House has orchestrated the visits.

“Let elect Democrats up and down the ballot and win big this year,” said Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL).

“The White House wants to pitch in areas where they do have a positive impact and I do think the sixth is one of those areas, because every seat’s going to matter,” said Alvin Tillery, a political science professor at Northwestern University.

The Illinois Republican Party stated in a statement, “With historic inflation levels driving up gas and grocery prices, Democrats in competitive races across the country are refusing to campaign with President Biden. Forced to defend once-safe Democrat seats in the Chicago suburbs, he will witness voters’ dissatisfaction with his spending plan firsthand.”

But, with so many people having already voted, and most people having made up their minds, the focus for both sides is on getting out the vote.

“There’s a calculation going on both with the Republicans and the Democrats to put people in the right places, to mobilize folks for Tuesday,” Caliendo said.

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