A Chicago man has been charged in the shooting of an off-duty Merrionette Park police officer on his way to work.

A Chicago man has been charged with attempted murder in the shooting of an off-duty Merrionette Park police officer while she was driving to work Saturday on Chicago’s South Side.

Darreon Thompson, 24, was arrested 30 minutes after the shooting, according to Chicago police. He was one of the suspects in the shooting, according to police.

“Officer Robinson,” 51, was driving to work in the 2300 block of East 103rd Street around 5:30 p.m. when a white Chevy sedan tried to stop her while preventing her vehicle from passing him, according to police.

According to police, a weapon was pointed at the officer’s vehicle’s driver’s side, and several rounds were fired.

The other vehicle then collided with another. A passenger exited the vehicle and continued shooting at the officer.

According to Chicago police, the officer fired back, striking the suspected shooter as well.

The officer was hit in the neck and taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center, where she was treated for a minor injury and released.

According to police, a good Samaritan who assisted the officer was shot in the legs.

The bystander, 43, was also taken to the University of Chicago. He’s expected to be fine.

“I saw the stretcher for the ambulance [and] someone was lying on the stretcher going into the ambulance,” said an unidentified witness.

The witness is a woman who has lived in the neighborhood for 54 years and preferred not to be identified, but she expressed shock at what she witnessed just outside her door.

“It was a lot of commotion, a lot of ambulances, cars, police and stuff,” she explained. “It’s heartbreaking to hear what’s going on. Every day, there is so much crime.”

It’s unclear what prompted the shooting, but police say one person has been apprehended.

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