South Shore shooting: A store clerk is killed after being shot by an attempted robber who was fatally shot by a CCL holder.

There is new information about the attempted robbery and fatal shooting in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood on Friday.

According to investigators, two people, including the alleged offender, were killed as the attempted robbery quickly turned fatal, leaving nothing but devastation.

“My uncle Ali is someone I look up to as a role model and a good human being. He is responsible for a large part of who I am today “Khalid Hassan, the victim’s nephew, stated

Just hours after the 63-year-old grocery store owner was shot and killed during a robbery attempt near 73rd Street and Coles Avenue, one of Ali Hassan’s nephews remembers him fondly.

“He’s the most upright and caring individual. He was concerned, “Khalid stated. “If you were around him, he always had good energy, always a positive individual.”

To express the sorrow felt by a family and a neighborhood, a single bouquet of flowers was left at the grocery store’s door.

“To be honest, I only saw him yesterday. It’s heartbreaking to hear what happened “said Luis Perry, a nearby resident/

According to the Chicago Police Department, the husband and father died Friday night during a gunfight inside his family’s South Shore grocery store.

Tashyra Jones, a resident of the neighborhood and a hair stylist, was doing a client’s hair when gunfire erupted.

“I’ve just heard gunshots. ‘Did you hear that?’ I asked. Yeah, so we just got on the floor, she says “Jones remembered.

According to investigators, it happened around 6:30 p.m. Friday night when a 24-year-old would-be robber walked into the store, pulled out a gun, and allegedly tried to rob the establishment.

That’s when one of Hassan’s two other male family members working in the store, who has a valid firearm owner’s ID card and a conceal carry license, allegedly pulled out his own weapon and shot the armed thief, who then shot Ali.

“He and my cousin, who were present when it happened, were devastated when he returned home from the police station. I’ve never seen him like that before “Khalid stated.

According to witnesses, the would-be robber fled the store after being hit, but collapsed and died about a block away on the sidewalk.

Ali was taken to the hospital in critical condition but was unable to be saved.

Saturday afternoon, relatives and friends gathered at the family’s west suburban home to show their support for Khalid, who remembers his uncle as the man he aspires to be.

“My mission in life is everything I do going to go back to him,” Khalid explained.

The other customer in the store was not injured. Three guns were recovered from the crime scene, according to police. The two weapons used in the shootout, as well as another gun hidden behind a store counter. The incident is still being investigated.

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