After an altercation with an irate passenger, a United flight attendant was taken to the hospital.

An angry, shouting passenger on a United Airlines flight to Chicago on Sunday morning sent a flight attendant to the hospital.

In a video posted to Twitter, a woman holding a small child is seen screaming and being told to “step back” by an attendant aboard a flight from San Francisco International Airport to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

According to the video captured and uploaded by Peter Kondelis, the woman yelled out “Where is it?” after screaming in the plane’s aisle.

“Ma’am, we’re landing,” said a female flight attendant.

The situation quickly became frantic.

“Sarah, step back,” the flight attendant said repeatedly, her voice becoming more urgent with each repetition.

The video ends with another flight attendant running down the aisle to help her colleague.

Chicago police said they were called about 6 a.m. for “a disturbance” onboard Flight 476 and arrived at its gate at O’Hare Airport.

According to police and United Airlines, three people, including a flight attendant, were taken to Resurrection Hospital for observation.

“A disruptive customer on a flight from San Francisco to Chicago was removed by law enforcement upon landing on Sunday,” a United Airlines spokesperson told The Washington Post. “One member of the flight attendant crew was taken to a hospital for evaluation.” “We’re grateful to our crew for handling this difficult situation professionally and putting our team and customers’ safety first.”

It’s unclear why the three people were taken to the hospital, but according to United, no serious injuries were reported.

The FBI is also looking into the incident.

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