St. Ignatius is hosting a special Mass for the 16 hockey players who were injured in an Indiana bus crash.

St. Ignatius College Prep will hold a special Mass on Monday after 16 student hockey players were injured, some critically, in an Indiana bus crash.

A semi-truck collided with the students’ bus in Warsaw, Indiana, on Saturday night, flipping it over. Warsaw is approximately 50 miles south of South Bend. At around 8 p.m., the truck was seen swerving and speeding, according to police.

Varsity hockey players at St. Ignatius College Prep arrived at school Monday morning wearing or holding their jerseys.

“I just wanna show support for the team, support for my brothers and yeah just do anything I can to make those guys feel better and know that I care and that everybody cares for them,” Jack Rhyner, varsity hockey player, said.

A speeding and swerving semi-truck slammed into a bus carrying 23 St. Ignatius junior varsity boys hockey players and two adult coaches in Warsaw, Indiana, on Saturday night, according to police.

Sixteen people on board were injured, with three in critical condition.

“We’re grateful that they’re out of critical condition,” said John Chandler, president of St. Ignatius College Prep. “They’re stable but they will have challenges ahead for healing.”

After competing in a tournament earlier in the day, the team was on its way to a hotel.

The 58-year-old semi truck driver who hit the bus failed a field sobriety test, according to Warsaw police. He could now face felony charges.

Students were still shaken Monday morning.

“I’m just gonna pray that everyone makes a full recovery,” student Natalie Olech said. “I’m really glad that we can come together as a school community.”

Meanwhile, there has been an outpouring of support for the Near West Side Jesuit Catholic school. The long-standing Chicago institution will gather in prayer on Monday afternoon.

“So this afternoon we invite our St. Ignatius community and the public to join us at our Church of the Holy Family next door as we give thanks to God for a situation that could have been much more tragic,” Chandler said.

Meanwhile, one St. Ignatius parent who is also an attorney and has handled numerous trucking negligence cases is providing legal counsel and guidance to the families.

One St. Ignatius parent is doing her part to assist. She is not only the mother of two St. Ignatius students, but she is also an attorney who has handled numerous trucking negligence cases, serves on the Senate’s “Move Over Task Force” and has testified before the House in support of stricter trucking laws.

Elizabeth Kaveny is now providing free legal counsel and guidance to affected families.

“It was just panic, just panic,” Kaveny explained. “What should I do? What should I do?”

Meanwhile, as many of those students recover, the Mass will be held at 3:30 p.m.

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