A man in Florida attempts to elude police by ‘playing frogger’ across a busy highway.

In an attempt to elude pursuing police officers during a traffic stop, a Florida man ran into oncoming traffic on one of the state’s busiest highways.

According to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department, Zachary Sibert was driving 110 mph and driving with a suspended license when he “decided to play Frogger.”

According to the video released by Brevard County police on Friday, Sibert decided that dodging speeding cars and trucks was a better option than going to jail.

The 29-year-old immediately jumped out of his car onto I-95 before fleeing into the 5,026-acre Buffer Preserve.

“The good news is that Sibert apologized to our Deputy as he fled, and while he was a courteous criminal, he was not very smart,” the Sheriff’s department said on Facebook.

Sibert was apprehended after allegedly offering to pay the driver to drive him up the interstate. Deputies apprehended him after he was discovered hiding in the vehicle’s backseat.

Sibert is charged with several offenses, including driving with a suspended license and resisting arrest without violence. The bond for the Vero Beach native is set at $1,500, and he is scheduled to appear in court in December.

“I guess he forgot he was in Brevard County, where we chase you and hunt you down if you run from us,” the Facebook post read.

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