“They said I was like Jeffrey Dahmer,” Andre Bing’s “Death Note” reveals.

Andre Bing, the mass shooter at Walmart, wrote a rambling “Death Note” in which he called his co-workers “idiots” for comparing him to a legendary cannibal serial killer, officials said on Friday.

“They laughed at me and compared me to Jeffrey Dahmer… Before murdering six of his coworkers in the break room at the start of their night shift on Tuesday, Bing wrote, “I’m sorry, but I swear I didn’t plan this; everything just fell into place as if I were led by the devil.”

Dahmer was an infamous outcast who murdered 17 young men, some of whom he attempted to transform into sex zombies and others of whom he ate body parts. In 1994, he was slain in prison.

Police in Chesapeake, Virginia, revealed Bing’s censored manifesto, which was obtained after a forensic examination of the suspect’s phone following his slaughter and suicide.

Officials also disclosed that alone Bing, who had no past criminal record, lawfully acquired the murder weapon, a 9mm handgun, on the morning of the attack.

In his unsettling manifesto, Bing, 31, expressed regret for what he was about to do and blamed others for ridiculing him.

Believe it or not, if you got to know me, I was actually one of the most loving individuals on the planet.

Bing wrote, “My only wish would have been to start over and for my parents to have paid more attention to my social deficit.”

He talked of experiencing a “demonic aura” emanating from a female coworker and simultaneously criticized her for never taking the time to get to know him.

In one section, the 31-year-old regretted not finding a bride who shared his obsessiveness, writing, “All I wanted was a wife who was equally yoked and obsessed with thought, but I didn’t deserve a wife.”

Bing disclosed his intention to spare a colleague with cancer by stating, “I have a special place in my heart for her because my mother passed away from cancer.”

He closed the letter with, “My God, pardon me for what I am about to do…”

Meanwhile, a 2017 Facebook post has surfaced that suggests Bing had a history of mental illness.

Pervis Bing, the shooter’s brother, posted on Facebook in September 2017: “My brother was battling paranoid schizophrenia around this time, and life was pretty bleak…”

The brother’s remark appears to correspond with what Bing said about his mental state in “Death Note”: “I failed my management team and everyone who ever loved me by convincing them I was normal.”

Also on Friday, Chesapeake police disclosed the name of the 16-year-old Chesapeake resident who was slain in Tuesday’s rampage, naming him Fernando Chavez-Barron.

Other victims were earlier identified as Brian Pendleton, age 38; Kellie Pyle, age 52; Lorenzo Gamble, age 43; Randy Belvins, age 70; and Tyneka Johnson, age 22.

Tuesday about 10:15 p.m., Bing, a night shift manager at Walmart in Chesapeake, allegedly entered the break room and opened fire on employees who were preparing to begin work.

One survivor of the shooting stated that Bing appeared to target individuals and continued to fire at several victims after they looked to be dead.

According to Jessica Wilczewski, based on his behavior, he was hunting. “By the way he viewed people’s faces and conducted himself, he was selecting individuals.”

According to some of Bing’s former coworkers, he had a reputation as an assertive, if not hostile, supervisor who once acknowledged to having “anger issues.” However, he was also able to make people laugh and appeared to be coping with the regular demands of the workplace.

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