How to avoid porch pirates as holiday deliveries and internet shopping reach all-time highs

The last thing you want after purchasing the perfect holiday gift online is for it to be stolen before you can even bring it inside.

As industry experts predict that internet sales will reach a record $207 billion this holiday season, here’s a simple suggestion on how to prevent porch pirates.

According to C&R Research, 43% of Americans reported having a package stolen last year.

That is why CCTV Camera World, a security surveillance organisation, is giving advice:

  • Enable tracking alerts to receive updates on when deliveries are expected to arrive. The most straightforward strategy to avoid a stolen parcel is to retrieve it as soon as possible.
  • Request nondescript packaging: Thieves are more likely to steal something that is immediately identified in a box.
  • If you won’t be home to receive your product, alter the shipping address or opt for in-store pickup.
  • You can also have a porch lockbox installed where your delivery service can leave things. You can also install security cameras to catch potential criminals.

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