‘The love of my life’: Husband awakens from an accident believing it is 1993 and proposes to wife again.

After nearly surviving a motorbike accident, a man awoke thinking it was 1993.

The love of his life assisted him in his recovery, which only strengthened their bond.

Kristy and Andrew Mackenzie are in the midst of a love tale. They have been married for 37 years and enjoy spending time with their family and traveling on the open road.

“On that motorcycle, it just it feels so free,” Kristy remarked. “And I’m, of course, holding on to the love of my life.”

All of those memories came to a standstill for Andrew, 58, after a near-fatal motorcycle accident last June. Kristy and Andrew were thrown 50 feet across the pavement after t-boning a car that ran a red light, according to witnesses.

“All I truly wanted to know was, was he okay and where my husband was,” Kristy explained.

Andrew was rushed to the hospital unconscious for emergency surgery. Their injuries were severe, with shattered bones, internal bleeding, punctured lungs, and concussions among them.

The nightmare had not ended when Andrew awoke three days later. Nineteen years of his life had vanished into thin air.

Kristy explained, “He thought it was 1993,”

He didn’t even identify Lorelai Mentzer and Amanda MacKenzie, his own daughters.

“‘Where’s my wife?’ he said immediately. ‘Where has my wife gone?’ And I believe he mistook me for a hospital employee “Lorelai explained.

“We could tell him over and over a few things, and then an hour later, it was like repeating everything,” Amanda explained.

Doctors couldn’t tell Andrew’s family if his memory would return.

“One of my first things I remember is Kristy in a wheelchair bedside trying to worry about me taking care of myself,” Andrew added.

Kristy got the staff to put them in the same room, and everything improved within 24 hours.

“He started coming around asking me things and I was, like, amazed,” Kristy recalled. “There was happy tears, and within 24 hours, he was a new person.”

After 11 days in the hospital and lengthy rehab, the couple was able to walk again and went on a family beach trip in August.

Andrew proposed a second time, and the couple reaffirmed their vows a few days later.

“Fortunately, she said yes. We’d already been married for 37 years or so, so it worked well “Andrew stated.

Andrew, who has no recollection of the catastrophe, believes it was his wife who saved him.

“We’re trying to take all the positive things from this, maybe even joking a little bit now,” Andrew explained.

“It had been a nightmare. But I want to live a grateful life. All that matters is that we have each other “Kristy stated.

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