In a drive-by shooting in Jeffery Manor, a mother of three was killed in front of her teen son.

A family is devastated after a mother was gunned murdered in a church’s deserted parking lot in front of her teenage son as they walked home on Friday.

The 13-year-old boy was also shot and is currently out of the hospital, although he is surrounded by bereaved family members.

Kristen Carr, the mother, and her son were shot near 100th Street and Oglesby Avenue in Jeffery Manor on the Far South Side, only steps away from their home.

This family stated that they are experiencing continual heartbreak. Carr’s brother recently buried their father, and their mother died several years ago. He is now left to bury his sole sibling and nurture her son, who witnessed her last moments.

“He claimed he was telling her, ‘Breathe! Breathe!’ He is the one who dialed 911 “Luther Carr IV, Carr’s brother, stated

That mother and son are now irrevocably estranged, and a new reality is gradually dawning on the household.

“I can’t believe my family is part of this circle of violence, and that you’re actually standing here talking to me,” Luther remarked.

Carr was walking back home from the store Friday night when a black SUV stopped up next to them in a neighboring church parking lot and someone inside began firing rounds at them.

Luther explained, “Like any other son, he came out to meet his mom halfway,” “Some cowards stepped in between them… for no apparent reason. They fired 28 shots at him, man!”

Luther stated that his 13-year-old nephew had been shot in the shoulder.

“I was assured that my nephew was fine, so I assumed that everything was well. I rushed to the hospital to check on him, and about 10 feet before I got into Comer’s, I got a call from a friend stating my sister had been shot “Luther reflected.

Kristin was shot in the hip and was transported to the hospital in critical condition. She died subsequently.

“She was a wonderful mother who was always concerned about her sons. She made certain they were on the proper track “Luther stated.

She is survived by three sons. The youngest is barely four years old and is still waiting for his mother to return home.

“I don’t even know how I’m going to – how do you tell a 4-year-old,” Luther admitted. “It will not be ignored. You stole someone who a lot of people cared about away from us for no reason.”

Carr’s brother tells me that she was due to turn 42 on Christmas Day, but instead of celebrating, his family will be in mourning while police continue to look for her killer.

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