A family has asked for assistance in locating an elderly Berwyn man with Alzheimer’s who has been missing for several days.

A desperate search for an elderly man in the western suburbs is underway.

Family members are on the hunt for him and are pleading with the community for assistance.

Family members have been searching for their 83-year-old father and grandfather, who they believe has Alzheimer’s disease, for the past four days.

He’s been missing since Thursday, and they’re worried that with the recent cold weather, the chances of finding him are dwindling.

Jose Guadalupe Arevalo was last seen walking out of his Berwyn home near 19th Street and Scoville Avenue around 3 p.m. Thursday, wearing a green flannel shirt, blue jeans, and a hat.

“I’m not sure where he is. We simply require everyone’s assistance “Esnelia Vargas, Arevalo’s daughter, stated

Vargas stated that they have run out of ideas.

They’ve looked everywhere and called everyone, but they haven’t been able to locate her father.

“He requires his medication. He hasn’t eaten in 72 hours because he hasn’t had it. He wasn’t wearing a coat “She stated. “His cognition had deteriorated so much in the previous year that he desired to return home. And he said, “I have to go home,” and you’d ask, “Where is home?” And he couldn’t tell you anything.”

Friends and family have been looking for him all hours of the day and night.

“We’ve been passing flyers, driving block by block, visiting hospitals, shelters, talking with the homeless people, parks,” said Arevalo’s granddaughter, Gabriela Zaragoza.

Arevalo worked as a mechanic in this Berwyn neighborhood for nearly 25 years.

“Everybody knows him,” Vargas said.

Don Lupe, as he is affectionately known, recently celebrated his 83rd birthday.

His family said he needed to return home because he was the life of the party.

“I’m just afraid he’s somewhere laying on the ground,” Vargas said. “We just want him back home safe.”

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