According to police, nearly 130 catalytic converters were seized in an auto chop shop bust in a Chicago suburb.

Police announced Friday that dozens of catalytic converters were seized in a chop shop bust in suburban Glenwood.

According to the Glenwood Patrol and Investigation division, they recently disrupted an auto and catalytic converter theft operation in the 200-block of Rose Street. According to police, the property was being rented using a stolen identity.

During the raid, police discovered 128 stolen catalytic converters worth approximately $54,000, as well as a stolen and stripped Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. In addition, they seized several reciprocating saws, a loaded.45 caliber handgun and magazines, and “illicit funds.”

“It’s really kind of shocking,” neighbor Lanita Tyson said. “No, because this is a very quiet neighborhood. Nothing like that would have occurred to me over here.”

According to neighbors, the raid occurred on Tuesday, and police were removing items from the home until Friday.

“You choose where you live because you think about safety issues,” Tyson said. “I guess that’s why they chose this area, too, because it’s so quiet and this would be the last place people would think something like this would happen.”

Another neighbor, who did not want to be interviewed on camera, stated that the suspect had been living in the house for less than a year.

Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to the Glenwood Police Department at 708-753-2420 or dial “911” to report a crime in progress.

ABC7 inquired with Glenwood police about any suspects or arrests but did not receive a response.

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