Kenny Deland, an American student studying in France, has gone missing.

The mystery surrounding an American student who has been missing for nearly two weeks while studying in France is deepening.

Kenny Deland’s parents are now desperate to locate him.

“This can’t be true. What happened to him? “What happened,” Deland’s mother, Carol Laws, explained.

Laws, a 22-year-old senior at St. John Fisher University in New York, was on a study abroad program in southeastern France and was scheduled to return home next week when she received a call from a college liaison in late November.

“She said she needed to file a missing persons report because they hadn’t seen him in 24 hours,” Laws said. “I’m not present. I’m thousands of miles away, but I’m here.”

The family was taken aback because they had been in constant contact with their son, who they said was having a great time abroad.

“He enjoys traveling.” As a result, he has been looking forward to this trip. “It’s not typical of Kenny not to reach out to us and let us know what’s going on,” Deland’s father, Kenneth Deland, said.

His parents last heard from their son on November 27. He boarded a train near the university and headed south, according to family. Along the way, his phone rang.

He was tracked to a sports store on December 3 and was seen wearing a red jacket and gray hat while spending $9.

“It would be extremely important to understand who he has talked to, maybe in his age group in France or maybe he’s talked to people back here in the United States on the phone,” former FBI agent Brad Garrett said.

French authorities are investigating and have described Kenny’s disappearance as “worrying disappearance” citing privacy laws because he is an adult. His family simply wants answers.

“If anyone knows how to help us find him, please help us with the officials.” Please assist us,” Laws begged.

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