Lightfoot releases an emotional campaign ad in the wake of a new poll showing her losing to Chuy Garcia.

In her latest campaign ad, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s voice cracked and her eyes welled up.

“I wouldn’t be sitting here but for the sacrifices that my parents made for me, particularly my mom,” Lightfoot said in the ad.

The emotional ad comes as challenger Chuy Garcia releases a voter opinion poll showing him defeating Lightfoot in a head-to-head runoff by 30 percentage points.

The survey was funded by International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150, which has pledged at least $1 million to Congressman Garcia’s mayoral campaign.

“The results of the poll made very clear to us that Chuy has very broad support across the city of Chicago,” said union member Ed Maher.

The union-funded poll confirmed what other polling had found for the past two years: a large majority of Chicago voters are dissatisfied with Mayor Lightfoot’s performance in office. She is disliked by 68% of voters, including 50% of Black voters.

The mayor is now invoking her upbringing in small-town Ohio in an attempt to soften those views.

“My parents sacrificed everything to make sure that my brothers and my sister and I could have a better life; a life that they could never have imagined,” Lightfoot said in the ad.

A spokeswoman for Lightfoot’s campaign noted that the voter poll was conducted a month ago, and that some are still undecided “It’s easy to forget that four years ago, the mayor’s approval rating was in the single digits. Campaigns are important.”

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