Insurance denied a life-saving surgery to an 8-year-old boy from Illinois.

A family in Illinois is organizing a fundraiser to help their 8-year-old son receive much-needed surgery.

Liam Doxsee suffers from severe combined immunodeficiency. He’s been in and out of hospitals since he was a baby.

His family claims that because the surgeon qualified to operate on him also practices plastic surgery, their insurance will not cover the procedure.

They’ll hold a benefit next month in the hopes of raising $53,000 to cover the cost of the surgery.

“It’s not a butt lift, it’s a pediatric, time-saving emergency surgery that he really needs,” Liam’s mother, Mary Matheson, explained.

“It’s really hard,” Liam admitted. “Because if you were in my body, then you would feel what it’s worth.”

The “Love For Liam” benefit will be held in Coal Valley, Illinois on January 15.

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