A suburban high school football player is hospitalized for a week due to an injury.

The physical nature of football, in which large bodies collide at high speeds during every play, is a concern for anyone of any age who dons a helmet.

In October, Kamron Singleton, a senior in high school, played his final game of the season. It was likely his last.

“I couldn’t breathe, the air was knocked out of me,” he said.

In the 10th play of the first quarter of the Westmont High vs. Aurora Central Catholic game, he suffered a serious injury during a tackle.

“Next thing I feel, I just feel something just hit me in my stomach,” he said.

“When the doctors tell you, “Oh, if your son had boarded that bus, he could have suffered septic shock and died.” As a parent, hearing “He could not have been here” does affect you “said Shirkeya Wash, mother.

In a video provided by Wash, her high school-aged son can be seen being tackled while the football is flying over his head. The video has been paused by ABC7 prior to impact.

Cheerleader younger sister was observing from the sidelines.

“Typically, you know, I would allow it to occur. He gets it. But something didn’t feel right “said Keniya Singleton, younger sister.

Kamron was taken out of the game and said he hoped to return eventually.

“However, for the next 30, 45 minutes I will remain in the same position. Ended up vomiting. The ambulance arrived to examine me. They were unaware of what was occurring “He remembered.

“He appeared to be breathing erratically. And he was just like, ‘I’m cold. I’m just cold,’ “said his older sister Kyla Singleton.

It was in her car, on the way home, that a painful turn of events occurred.

She recalled, “We were going over train tracks, and he just screamed for us to stop,”

Kamron was taken to the hospital, where his family learned his injury was much worse than they imagined.

“Come to find out Kamron had a tear from his small intestines, well, his stomach to his small intestines,” Wash explained.

After three days in the ICU and a week total in the hospital after reconstructive surgery, his plans to hopefully return to the field are not deterred.

“I still love the sport, and it’s not something I want to stop,” Kamron said.

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