Uptown Good Samaritan was shot by a group of armed car thieves.

A Good Samaritan who attempted to report a group of armed thieves breaking into cars in Uptown was injured and nearly lost his life when he became their next target.

“It’s a blessing! I mean, seeing like the graze on my head. It’s like if I had not started to duck down, it’s right there!” the victim said, pointing to the middle of his forehead.

It occurred while the victim, who requested to be identified only by his first name, Justin, was cycling home on Montrose near Racine in Uptown. He reported seeing a person near a Jeep with a broken window and another vehicle in tow.

“There were two guys in the car and a guy’s tying his shoe right by a bunch of glass. It just didn’t seem right,” Justin said. “They we’re all wearing black. They had neoprene masks.”

Therefore, he continued riding but stopped not far away, just down the block, where he claimed he attempted to call the police.

“I literally pulled the phone out. I hit the 9, and that’s when the shooting started,” he said.

Justin was struck in the elbow and also grazed in the head by a bullet.

“It broke both of those two bones. I have to have surgery to have all of that put back together. The bullet is still inside me,” he said.

His wounds will eventually heal, but the mental trauma will be more difficult to overcome, he said. He formerly resided in the vicinity of the shooting. Not any longer.

“We moved immediately!” he exclaimed.

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