Kanye West Has Been Found After Being “Missing” For Several Weeks

Kanye West was a trending topic on Twitter on Sunday (January 8) after he was spotted at a church over the weekend. For several weeks, the controversial superstar had been “missing,” with many concerned about his whereabouts. Last month, his former business manager, Thomas St. John, claimed he couldn’t locate him.

The person who spotted Kanye West at the church was able to take a photo of him, which quickly went viral on the internet. He looked like any other Joe Schmo attending a church service, dressed in a green bomber jacket, a camo baseball cap, and jeans.

Kanye West’s fans began accusing his business manager of spreading “fake news.” In a court hearing in December 2022, St. John stated that West went missing as soon as he attempted to sue him for breach of contract. St. John claims West agreed to pay him a $300,000 monthly retainer, but that payments were halted after a “aggressive” meeting.

“[St. John] required assurance that [West] would not abruptly terminate the commercial relationship, in addition to the financial costs and risks associated with committing to [Kanye West] as a client,” according to the lawsuit. “However, Mr. St. John offered to settle for a contract that would last at least 18 months.”

Perhaps Kanye West was simply praying for St. John to vanish. West is clearly fine in either case. The question is whether he truly wants to be “found.”

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