‘Nothing happened,’ says Ald. Derrick Curtis  about the shooting that injured his daughter.

Derrick Curtis, 18th Ward Ald., insisted “nothing happened” and “she’s fine” less than two weeks after his adult daughter was shot during one of his gun safety classes.

Curtis’ comments came in response to WGN Investigates’ questions following Wednesday’s City Council meeting.

Curtis said he was in contact with the Illinois State Police about his certification to teach concealed carry classes. “I’m fine.”

Curtis said “no comment” when asked if he would keep teaching the classes.

Curtis’ 25-year-old daughter was shot during a concealed carry class Curtis was teaching at a church in his Southwest Side ward on January 5.

Someone handed Curtis’ daughter a loaded Glock 19 pistol during the class, and the weapon discharged, striking her in the right leg.

Curtis’ daughter told Chicago police that her father was handing her the weapon when it went off while she was being treated at Christ Medical Center, according to police records. When police arrived at the church, Curtis’ son told them that he was handing over the gun when it fired.

Curtis shot himself in the wrist while cleaning a gun in the 8200 block of South Christiana about three months prior.

The alderman told the Chicago Sun-Times last week, a day before Curtis’ daughter was shot, that he was reconsidering his support for Mayor Lori Lightfoot in the upcoming election, in part because she did not check on him after he was shot last year.

After Wednesday’s council meeting, Lightfoot approached Curtis and asked how he was doing, encouraging him to return her calls.

“You say I don’t talk to you. You say I don’t reach out. I’m making sure there’s a record,” Lightfoot told Curtis.

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