Chicago police are looking for answers after two people were killed and three others were critically injured in a home invasion.

Police in Chicago are looking for the person or persons responsible for a deadly home invasion in the city’s South Shore neighborhood.

In the incident on Monday, five people were shot, two of whom died.

The shooting occurred around 1:45 p.m. in a building in the South Shore neighborhood’s 2900 block of East 78th Street.

According to Monay Mack, who lives around the corner, this is normally a quiet street.

“This is not typical. I’m taken aback. Five people were killed, two of them fatally. I’m astounded, “Mack stated. “That has surprised me. Normally, I walk this block every morning to get to the beach, and there is never anything going on over here. However, there is a lot of activity going on down the street.”

According to police, two victims were found dead inside a second-floor apartment, and two others were taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center in critical condition. A fifth victim ran away from the shooting and ended up at a McDonald’s about a half-mile away, near 79th Street and South Yates Boulevard.

That individual was also transported to the University of Chicago in critical condition.

The two victims had not been identified as of Tuesday morning.

During a press conference, police described the incident as a “targeted home invasion,” but they refused to speculate on a possible motive.

“I can’t talk about the motive because it’s unique to the crime, and I don’t want to take anything away from the local cops. What I can say is that it does not appear to be a random act “Deputy Chief Sean Loughran of the CPD said. “We’re investigating any relationship between any victims and offenders at this time, but it is very, very preliminary to discuss it.”

Police have also declined to reveal the victims’ ages and genders, but have stated that they are looking for multiple offenders.

Investigators have been canvassing the area in search of eyewitnesses and surveillance video.

“The crime scene, of course, will be taking pictures, video, as well as recovering any specific evidence from the scene that would link these offender or offenders to this heinous crime,” Loughran explained.

Police are asking neighbors to search through any security footage they may have for anything unusual.

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