Hundreds of people attend a DuPage County Board meeting to criticize and praise the sheriff over the assault weapons ban.

DuPage County is currently divided on the issue of assault weapons.

People supporting and opposing the contentious Illinois assault weapons ban attended a board meeting in Wheaton on Tuesday.

It comes after the sheriff there stated that he will not enforce the assault weapons ban.

Hundreds of residents have packed the DuPage County Board meeting to express their opposition to the assault weapons ban.

Assault-style rifles are no longer legal in Illinois. Furthermore, if you already own them, you are now required by law to register your weapon or weapons.

On Tuesday morning, DuPage County residents on both sides of the aisle, for and against the ban, packed the county board meeting rooms, expressing their strong feelings about the new law.

“If our new gun laws can save just one child, it’s worth it. Do your job, Sheriff Mendrick. You are to enforce laws, not make them,” one person said.

“Criminals are still going to get their hands on guns, whether the law’s on the books or not, and most criminals using guns don’t have a FOID to begin with. I would again like to thank Sheriff Mendrick for upholding the rights of the citizens of DuPage County,” another said.

The outpouring of support comes after DuPage County Sheriff James Mendrick stated that he would not enforce the ban.

Several politicians, state and county representatives, and others are urging him to do so, calling his position dangerous and reminding people of the recent mass shootings in California.

Republican and Democratic state lawmakers both urged residents to attend Tuesday’s meeting and voice their opinions on the ban.

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