At the Markham Police Department, the Paycheck Protection Program fraud has continued to rise.

As reported by Local News on Wednesday night, a Markham police officer is not the only officer under investigation for PPP fraud. She is also accused of forging tax documents for a fictitious company.

Rayshonda Lewis was a full-time police officer in Markham since 2011, but she quickly resigned last month. Derrick Champion, the administrator of Markham, stated that the city appreciated Lewis’ resignation.

Officer Lewis quit her $83,000-per-year job because, according to federal documents, she applied for a PPP loan for $20,000 and “submitted false and fabricated documents,” including IRS forms claiming she owned a catering company that made “$97,000 during 2020.”

But Lewis “knew none of the foregoing facts were true,” according to the feds.

Champion stated, “That’s concerning to have someone wearing a badge to take advantage of a program.”

Champion claims that the federal government first contacted the city in December regarding their Lewis investigation, and she reached a settlement within weeks.

Champion stated, “She resigned at that point.”

Lewis’ federal case has been sealed. However, we are able to display the documents that the federal government provided the city through an open records request made by local news to the City of Markham.

They include the agreement that Officer Lewis signed in which she admits to breaking the law but agrees to serve 80 hours of community service while on probation to avoid jail time and a conviction on her record.

Champion stated, “I expected it to be this bad.”

However, the Markham Police Department’s investigation into PPP fraud does not only focus on Lewis.

CBS 2’s Terry confronted Markham police Officer Kenneth Muldrow in November 2021 after local news reported that he applied for a PPP loan using the address of the police station.

Champion confirmed that Muldrow is still being investigated and is employed as a Markham police officer.

A new police department hired the third officer under investigation.

Champion stated, “We have identified those individuals who are under the watchful eye of the federal government.” They are being examined closely.”

Champion insists that Markham is committed to collaborating with the federal government to eliminate any additional employees suspected of PPP fraud.

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