New information has emerged following the arrest of a Chicago babysitter in the death of a baby girl.

A babysitter has been charged in connection with the death of a four-month-old girl on Chicago’s Northwest Side.

Norma Chagnama, 29, was arrested by Chicago police. Zury Cruz Sumba, a newborn, was abused in the 4700 block of N. Lawndale Avenue, according to police.

Sumba was unconscious and not breathing when he was taken to the hospital. According to police, she was later pronounced dead.

According to court documents, Chagnama had been babysitting Sumba at her home since late last year. According to the documents, Chagnama noticed Sumba vomited on a bed on February 16. Chagnama allegedly then yanked the girl from her bed and swung her over her shoulder to pat the victim on the back.

Chagnama allegedly threw the baby down onto the bed after noticing the girl was having difficulty breathing.

According to the documentation Chagnama called Sumba’s mother, who arrived at her home and began CPR.

An autopsy determined that the baby died as a result of homicide. Sumba’s spinal cord had been severely injured, her brain was swollen, and the child’s eyes had hemorrhaging around both optic nerves.

On Monday, Chagnama’s attorney spoke out, denying that Chagnama is to blame for the baby’s death.

“So obviously Norma’s devastated. We don’t agree with the allegations. We’re maintaining her innocence. We don’t believe that the timeline that the state’s attorney set out lined up with what exactly happened on that day. Norma’s never been in trouble with the law before. She’s always cared for this child as well as other children,” said attorney Niklas Lofgren.

Chagnama has been charged with murder in the first degree. She is scheduled to appear in court again on February 27.

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