Father shocked after single mother was killed while attempting to push a stalled vehicle in the suburbs.

After their mother was hit and killed while attempting to push her stalled vehicle last month in Bolingbrook, their father is heartbroken and concerned for the future of his grandchildren.

Bob Cawthon told WGN News on Wednesday, “This is the worst thing that’s ever happened in my life.

Back on February 22, Jenna Cawthon, his 30-year-old daughter from Bolingbrook, stalled her car while driving to work close to 107th Street and Joliet Road.

She tried to push her car out of the way because Cawthon described her as a “can do” person. “A good Samaritan looked and said ‘hey she needs help.’”

The witness made a U-turn, got out of his car, and as he crossed the street to assist, Jenna was hit from behind and killed, according to a police report Cawthon saw.

The call that no one wants to receive was made to her father, who is currently residing close to Pittsburgh.

“‘Your daughter has passed,’ I was like, ‘what?’” Cawthon said. “It was a shock.”

Next on his mind were his grandsons, Devyn, 4, and Donavan, 13, who were both boys.

Although the boys weren’t in the car, they now have to deal with the mother’s passing.

She had just enough insurance to cover the modest cost of a funeral, according to Cawthon. “You do not think you’re going to die when you’re 30.”

Now that the boys are in their father’s custody, Cawthon has turned to GoFundMe to ensure their care.

By Wednesday afternoon, it had amassed almost $9,000 in donations.

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